Social Media Marketing

As content sharing increases, its diffusion also increases. Consequently, its effects depart from the media with centralized management and impact the ability of the organization to have firm control on communications. We also help in publishing your company product on both online and offline. To keep your business busy online.

JKA Design and Multimedia integrate various marketing areas (web marketing, inbound marketing, e-mail marketing, video marketing, search engine marketing, e-commerce marketing, etc.). It is no coincidence that it acts as a coordination link between different business functions responsible for the development of the social media content process by preserving the coherence and corporate identity.

We advertise your company product on the following social media platforms:

Pinterest: Is a social networking website that permits users to share images by “pinning” photos or videos to pinboards. These pinboards usually have a common theme such as crafts, weddings, or recipes. These “pins” can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter for additional exposure. That said, as the content is mostly visual in nature, this social media site is more geared toward creative types and visual artists.

Twitter: Interested in using Twitter to promote your small business? This is a great choice. As of early 2012, Twitter has an impressive base of six to nine million users.

Facebook: Facebook is a social networking tool to be reckoned with, especially considering that the site attracted 500 million members in just six short years. Consequently, promoting your small business on Facebook makes excellent business sense, as more people spend time on this social networking site than any other. One of the best ways to promote is by creating a Facebook page.

LinkedIn: With approximately 135 million users and growing, LinkedIn is definitely the world’s largest professional social network today. After all, small business professionals and career professionals utilize this site to further their career and business goals. It’s no wonder there are so many opportunities to connect with others and grow your small business at the same time.

Instagram: We use Instagram to connect with your target audiences and market their offerings. we also upload photos and videos about your business or product and edit them with various options.

YouTube: Trust me, you don’t want to skip this section even if you’ve already got a channel up and running. There’s plenty of great benefits to marketing on YouTube that many businesses don’t fully consider. When handling your YouTube channel, you’ll have a whole library of videos. You can then upload the video files natively to each platform. You can also embed the YouTube videos into your blog posts with just a few clicks, making your blog posts more dynamic and engaging.